Remote Investing and Automating Your Marketing System with Alicia Jarrett

My guest today is Alicia Jarrett. Alicia is passionate about land investments and how to get the most effective deals. She and her partner Matt have been assisting buyers and sellers with wholesale land deals for over three years. They have been investing exclusively in the States, and their goal is to help make their customers’ dreams come true by providing access to great below-market deals. Their company, Super Charged Offers, has allowed people to own land, build more on their lot, add value by increasing their lot size, and add more affordable homes to their projects effectively. They can help you find your next perfect piece of land, too!


We begin the episode with Alicia sharing her background story and how she got into real estate. Alicia told me that she has a background in human resources, leadership development, and training facilitation. She also had a consulting company in Australia for more than a decade, which she loved. A corporate job makes us live within our means, but for Alicia and her partner Matt, they wanted to do something bigger that aligned with their passion for travel. They started investing in the US by purchasing some fix and flip single-family homes in Florida, which worked well for them. However, the market was getting very competitive, and they shifted to land to keep their promise of doing business anywhere in the world. In the process, they also started their real estate marketing company, and right now, they have four businesses in the US and have built a team to work with them.


We then talk about why Alicia decided to invest in the States as opposed to where she lives, Australia. According to Alicia, Australia is a wonderful and beautiful country with amazing real estate, but it is very expensive. Where they live in Northern Australia, the average mansion costs $1.2M, while in Melbourne city, the houses range between $2.5 to 3.5M. From her perspective, people buy houses worth that much to get the land, and then they knock down the house to build a new one. The entry to the market is also very high, and the access to information is controlled by privacy laws that lock everything down. In the States, it is possible to access information about their customers, which is essential for effective marketing. 


Next, we talk about the advantages and challenges of land investment and why investors should try it. Alicia shares that land investment is an open market when it comes to the type of land and the strategies you can use. We tend to see buildings more than we see a piece of land that is not attractive. According to Alicia, there are so many things that you can do with a piece of land to increase its value. You can turn it into recreational land, hunting land, building land, developer’s land, commercial land, or industrial land. Opening up to these different possibilities is what makes land investment profitable. On the other hand, the main challenges to expect can include bad taxes, financial encumbrances, probate, and title issues. Most of these problems can be solved except those that are cost-prohibitive.


We then talk about how you can know where to buy land and resell it effectively. Alicia shares that it is pretty much the same as acquiring houses. They look for areas where there are profitable buyers' activities going on using data reports for over 18 months. The data helps them to know what has been happening in that area, how many people say that the land has value, and the number of people who are paying above and below market value. If the majority of people are paying below the market value, this is not an area to invest in; however, if most people are paying above, it’s worth getting into the game. Always do your due diligence, by looking at the numbers and buyers' activity levels and the information can help you identify better and more profitable deals.


Lastly, we talk about finding deals and marketing for opportunities. According to Alicia, establishing a pipeline works if you got your business set up right and you’re consistent. An effective pipeline in any business is not about what you are doing today, it's about consistency in what you did three and six months ago. For them, they had to put in place systems to enable them to continue getting and closing deals. They automated their data in online marketing to mature their sales funnel from the moment they get the data to the time their customers ask for offers. This makes it easy for their ideal customers to do business with them, and that is how they built their marketing company People can contact them and ask for deals online, via email sequencing, SMS, letters, Facebook, or through an Ad, which has increased their efficiency.     


Make sure you don’t miss another amazing episode of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast with Alicia Jarrett and get valuable information on how to invest in the land and get perfect deals for your business!

Notable Quotes:


“We make money when we are doing deals, not when we are doing administration, marketing, or data cleansing.”

  • Alicia Jarrett 


“Every deal in real estate is driven by data. Data tells us everything.”

  • Alicia Jarrett 


“There are so many land investment strategies and opening up to different possibilities is what makes land investment profitable.”

  • Alicia Jarrett  


“Do your due diligence. Looking at the numbers and buyers' activity levels can help you identify better and more profitable deals.“

  • Alicia Jarrett 


“Pipeline marketing in any business is not about what you are doing today, it's about consistency in what you did three and six months ago.”

  • Alicia Jarrett 


“Do business in such a way that makes it easy for your ideal customer to do business with you.”

  • Alicia Jarrett 


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