The TRUTH about Wealth - What the Rockefellers and Rothchilds Know that You Don't with Chris Naugle

For the podcast today, I interviewed nationally recognized speaker, author, and podcast host, Chris Naugle. Over the last 20 years, Chris has worn a wide variety of business hats. He was a former pro snowboarder, owning several snowboard and skateboard shops. He's invested in real estate with his wife, doing flips, wholesales, and a lot of private lending. They even had a pilot on HGTV in 2018. The main hat he wears is that of a money mentor, because what is taught in schools about money is absolute trash. He has spoken to and taught over ten thousand Americans delivering the financial knowledge that fuels lasting freedom.


We begin, like we usually do, by talking about Chris’ background and how he got started as an entrepreneur. Chris talked about his upbringing and how he learned a lot from growing up in a lower middle-class household. He talked about his early work experience and how it shaped his life and attitude about money. Chris talks about starting in entrepreneurship by selling apparel he designed with his high school art teacher when he was sixteen years old and how his mother mortgaged her house to help him open a snow and skate board shop. He opened Phatman Boardshop in November of 1994 and ran it until he sold it in 2010.


Chris talks about how economic circumstances taught him how to pivot in his business model. His business suffered because of the dotcom recession and he found the only companies that were interested in hiring him were Wall Street firms. He didn’t understand it, but found that because he was a successful entrepreneur and willing to learn, they wanted him to work for them. He spent sixteen years as an advisor for the firm that hired him until he saw some things going on he didn’t want to be involved in. He then started investing in real estate, which led him to teach others about money and achieving financial freedom.


We then talk about Chris’ current passion, which is teaching people about wealth building and management. Chris says that he does not manage other people’s money anymore, but rather, teaches people how to be great stewards of their own money. He contends we have all been lied to concerning money and convinced the best thing to do is to give up the control of it. He came to the conclusions that he holds about wealth from studying the wealthiest families in the world - the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, and many others. He talks about how these families do the same thing we do - trade our time for money, but then handle it differently once they have it. Chris then introduces us to the concept of infinite banking and how we can always make our money work for us.


Chris points out that infinite banking is a process rather than a product. I described the Just Start Real Estate audience and asked him if this process was available to everyone on the investing spectrum. Chris said that he believes that the process is available to everyone who has, at a minimum, started following the first law of wealth, which is saving at least 10% of your gross earnings. We also spent some time discussing how current events, such as the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia, affects our money.


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Notable Quotes:


“I grew up in a house like many where there was scarcity.”

  • Chris Naugle


“Every time my mother needed something, she was a very good saver, and I learned to save money from her.”

  • Chris Naugle


“I quit trading hours for dollars.”

  • Chris Naugle


“Entrepreneurship took on a new meaning for me when it was no longer a hobby and my mom’s house was on the line.”

  • Chris Naugle


“Running Phatman Boardshop was one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

  • Chris Naugle


“When things happen, we make pivots in our life.”

  • Chris Naugle


“What does Wall Street want to do with a punk snowboarding kid who has never put a suit on in his life?”

  • Chris Naugle


“We have all been taught the big lie - to give up control of our own money.”

  • Chris Naugle


“I teach one thing and that is to take back control of your money.”

  • Chris Naugle


“If you are not saving money today, the infinite banking concept will not work for you.”

  • Chris Naugle


“Inflation is a hidden tax.”

  • Chris Naugle


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