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In this episode, I chatted with a friend of mine, Terry Burger. Terry is an incredible investor and a real inspiration to those in the flipping business. One of the things I love most about Terry is that he is a family man who prioritizes his wife and kids over everything, including his business. Yet, he has managed to build an incredibly valuable business that continues to grow! He definitely shows that you can have the lifestyle you want and be successful as an entrepreneur without sacrificing your personal life.

The biggest compliment, I believe, that you can give someone is that they’re a very good person. Terry Burger is one of those guys!

Terry’s background is in classical music and teaching middle school. He wanted a career change and jumped into real estate. Within his first year of getting his real estate license, he sold 50 houses. The first year “I ran around like I had my hair on fire” selling and flipping homes. His wife was pregnant with their first son and was understanding and supportive of Terry in his new position.

As the kids started growing, Terry realized he needed a change in his schedule, especially on Saturday mornings, when his son was playing soccer. He missed his son’s first soccer goal, and that was his stake in the ground moment when he knew his work schedule had to change.

When Terry was turning 80 to 90 homes per year with his team, the recession hit. Terry went from his highest selling year to selling 12 homes in 2009. He lost his second home so he could keep his primary residence. The hardest part was his selling his Baby Grand Piano so his family could afford to live for the next three months.

After the recession, Terry had to figure out a way to make money using real estate. He listened to real estate podcasts and educated himself on how to be an investor in real estate and house flipping. Terry offered one of his clients to buy his home, after getting together money from his friends, which started his involvement in flipping homes.

Listen in to find out how Terry went from being a real estate agent to becoming a full-time real estate investor, how he rebuilt his team, and why he took a 50% pay cut to start his new endeavor. How the Seven Figure Mastermind gave Terry the tools to move onto the next level.

Notable Quotes

“Mike Simmons, it’s an honor to be here, man. You’re my hero!”

-Terry Burger


“My favorite game growing up was Monopoly, so I was destined to get into real estate.”

-Terry Burger


“My son played soccer, and my goal was to be at every game. I had to show a house on Saturday and missed my son’s game. My wife texted me and said, ‘Collin just scored his first goal,’ and I was devastated.” 

-Terry Burger


Find out how Terry Burger turned around his crazy workweek to more effective and less crazy work life to find balance for his family.


“People leak who they’re gonna leak the good stuff, you’re gonna leak the bad stuff. A leak has a source somewhere.”

-Terry Burger


A turning point after the recession was when Terry found out about a local investor making money on flooded homes.

“There was a huge flood that came through my area and flooded a bunch of houses which were bought by an investor. The investor told me he was making $40,000 to $50,000 on flipping houses. I went home and looked up the company, and, sure enough, it was true. He was making this type of money.”

-Terry Burger


Terry was working with a client to sell his home as his realtor, and the client repeated he didn’t want to have buyers walking through his home. Realizing this was the opportunity he was looking for to become an investor, Terry offered to buy his home.

“Sir, I’ve been really wanting to buy my first investment property, and I’m willing to make you an offer on your house, can you give me three or four days?”

-Terry Burger


Terry remembers one of the Seven Figure Masterminds retreats he attended in San Diego.

“I had two problems. One, I was still trying to sell real estate. Justin jumped all over me, he said, ‘Next time you come here you better not sell a single house!’ It forced me out of my comfort zone, like Linus with his blanket, I had to leave my blue blanket behind.” 

-Terry Burger


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