Live Q&A - Buying Condos, Managing Your First Flip, Driving for Dollars, and the Wholesaling Process

Welcome to this version of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast! I am excited to bring you another replay of my Live Question and Answer sessions. For those people that are unable to join us live, this will provide an opportunity to hear the awesome questions I am fielding about business, taking risks, real estate, and so much more!

This presentation is the live Q&A that I did the week of May 4th and each Thursday we will offer you another chance to take advantage of listening to the answers to our guests’ fabulous and compelling questions! Don’t miss this new episode of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast!

Notable Quotes:

“I am going to start out by not answering the question, but by challenging the premise.”


“Not one person said, ‘There are no affordable properties in my city.’”


“Condos are actually really easy to comp.”


“You can find good deals in any city.”


“It really depends on your goals, right?”


“I wouldn’t feel comfortable mailing a thousand names for a year without adding to that list.”


“I have given presentations for over an hour on finding motivated sellers and I probably could have gone two or three hours easily.”


“I spent the first five years learning, making mistakes, and avoiding asking for help.”


“Postcards and letters are still an incredibly effective method for finding motivated sellers.”


“Driving for dollars is a great way to find leads and ultimately build your business because it is scalable and very inexpensive.”


“You don’t ever want to run your business in a transactional way. It is about building relationships.”


“You have to deliver or overdeliver.”



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