Live Q&A - Lazy Partners, Investing a Line of Credit, When to Hire Property Management, and Finding Motivated Sellers in this Market

Highlights From The Show:

Welcome to this version of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast! I am excited to bring you another replay of my Live Question and Answer sessions. For those unable to join us live, this will provide an opportunity to hear the awesome questions I am fielding about business, taking risks, real estate, and so much more!


This presentation is the live Q&A that I did the week of June 22nd and each Thursday we will offer you another chance to take advantage of listening to the answers to our guests’ fabulous and compelling questions! Don’t miss this new episode of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast!

Notable Quotes:

“It is not theory - it is all actionable stuff.”


“The first thing you need to do is buy my book, Level Jumping, because I have an entire chapter on partnering.”


“The hard worker is always driven crazy by the not-so-hard worker.”


“I hate beating around the bush and passive-aggressive actions.”


“What kind of business do you ultimately want?”


“It is pretty safe to say your rental will be vacant one month of the year.”


“At 20 doors I would definitely be hiring a property management firm, but that is because I don’t want to manage properties.”


“Just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should be done.”

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