Live Q&A - Best Investing Strategy to Start With and Developing Realtor Relationships

Highlights From The Show:

Welcome to this version of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast! I am excited to bring you another replay of my Live Question and Answer sessions. For those people that are unable to join us live, this will provide an opportunity to hear the awesome questions I am fielding about business, taking risks, real estate, and so much more!


This presentation is the live Q&A that I did the week of October 26th and each Thursday we will offer you another chance to take advantage of listening to the answers to our guests’ fabulous and compelling questions! Don’t miss this new episode of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast!

Notable Quotes:

“What I really want to know is what kind of business you want.”


“The big thing in real estate will always be finding deals.”


“That category of real estate - wholesaling - exists to serve you.”


“I don’t know if wholesaling is the way to go if you don’t have a lot of time, especially in the beginning.”


“Doing the actual flipping process - working with contractors, working with banks, taking an ugly duckling and turning it into a swan - I didn’t love it.”


“I switched to wholesaling and it was much more in line with my personality and what I wanted for my business.”


“We are going to have a long conversation before we get to the investing strategy and how to do it.”


“Traveling a lot and buying two rentals a year - no big deal.”


“No matter what investing strategy you are in, you should be developing relationships with realtors because they have access to the vast majority of properties that are for sale.”


“Realtors want leads and they want sales, just like we do as investors.”

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