Don’t Change EVERYTHING Because of the Market

Highlights From The Show:

Welcome to this version of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast! I am excited to bring you my first solo episode where I deliver my thoughts and strategies for real estate investing in this changing market. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! You can still do what you love to do with a few tweaks in your business!

Notable Quotes:

“It is absolutely crazy trying to do five episodes of a podcast every week.”


“There are definitely subjects I want to talk about that I may not get to if I am just doing interviews or Q&As.”


“I know the majority of questions I am going to get are, ‘How can our business survive in this market?’”


“You don’t have to change everything that you are doing.”


“That is not a logical, rational reaction to a fairly small-to-medium-sized problem.”


“I wholesaled when the market was down, I wholesaled when the market skyrocketed, and I am a wholesaler now.”


“You don’t throw out the engine when you are having an engine problem - you tweak the engine.”


“You wouldn’t do it with your car… why are you doing it with your business?”


“You have to change the language that you use.”


“I might be a little more helpful on the back end and more sympathetic to my buyers’ concerns.”


“When the house prices were soaring, you had to focus on what your sellers’ motivation was in order to make your offer make sense.”


“When it comes to real estate investing, you usually have a challenge with one end of the investing cycle.”


“Zillow can be your friend. It isn’t always accurate, but homeowners don’t have anything else to look at.”

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