7 Day House Flipper, Tyler Jensen

Today's Guest: Tyler Jensen

I am excited to have my friend Tyler on the show today! We are also fellow 7 Figure Flippers and he is just the kind of guest I love to have on - someone who is an expert in his field and willing to let me pick his brain!


Highlights From The Show:

We start the interview like we often do with Tyler sharing his real estate background. He began flipping houses in 2008 as a way to help pay for his college education. He was taking classes and working full-time, so real estate was a side hustle at that point. For years, while working another job, he continued to flip houses because he knew it was an excellent vehicle for building long-term wealth. Tyler talks about how he honestly thought his career was going to be in corporate America but realized he could be successful with flipping when he was able to pay his tuition with the proceeds from his third deal. Joining the 7 Figure Flipping Mastermind was a turning point for Tyler and his business because he was surrounded by very successful investors that encouraged him and helped him scale.


Tyler explains his struggles with the lifestyle of being a corporate executive and how he was really trading time for money. He wanted to find a way to have both financial freedom and freedom of time so that he could be a good and present husband and father. After talking to his wife (and he tells us how this conversation went), he decided to pursue his dream of being a full-time investor. He went to Flip Hacking Live, joined the mastermind and his business exploded, doubling the deals performed several years in a row. We also dig into the process he created called the 7 Day Flip, in addition to Tyler’s thoughts on the current housing market.


Make sure you don’t miss another amazing episode of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast with Tyler Jensen and learn how you can succeed in finding both time and financial freedom through real estate investing!

Notable Quotes:


“I knew that real estate was a great way to make income, so I started early.”

  • Tyler Jensen


“On our first flip, we did everything wrong, so it was a great education in real estate.”

  • Tyler Jensen


“When I started flipping houses, it was a side hustle with the goal of helping to pay for college.”

  • Tyler Jensen


“The year 2008 was actually a great time to get into real estate.”

  • Mike Simmons


“In my corporate job, I was trading time for money and I realized it was really hurting me because I could never unplug.”

  • Tyler Jensen


“We have amazing women behind us that have our backs.”

  • Tyler Jensen


“The biggest thing in any flip is that you have to control the time, the budget, and the quality of work you are putting out.”

  • Tyler Jensen


“That system and process is critical to getting things done fast.”

  • Mike Simmons


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