From Military Mom to Full-Time Real Estate Investor Helping Other Military Members Build Wealth with Erin Helle

Today's Guest: Erin Helle

In this episode, I interview fellow real estate investor and return guest, Erin Helle. Erin begins by giving us her background and what brought her to real estate investing. She began her career in the military, first attending West Point Academy and then serving on active duty. Because her husband was also in the service, they knew that both of them being on active duty would be short-lived as they planned to start a family. She resigned her commission after about eight years of active duty and she began to explore real estate as a way to earn an income and be present for her family.


Highlights From The Show:

We go back over Erin’s story because it is so inspirational! Her business has just exploded since we last talked on the podcast in 2020. We discuss all of the different types of investing she is involved in and the various markets, as well. She related that she has invested in short-term rentals, but doesn’t like it as an investment model because it isn’t passive at all. 


We then talk about the event that Erin is hosting called Financial Freedom Summit. It is being held at the Wynn Las Vegas on September 2nd & 3rd, 2023. It is an exclusive event to inspire personal, professional, and financial development. Military veteran leaders in the real estate investing industry will guide the participants to build their blueprint for total financial freedom. But Erin wanted me to understand that it was the community of veterans that gave her the courage to get started in real estate investing, which is why she decided to give back to veterans through her summit. Erin went over the different topics, speakers, and breakout sessions that will happen throughout the weekend. Erin also detailed how some of the sponsors backing the event are providing scholarships to the event for service members that may not otherwise be able to afford to attend.


Make sure you don’t miss another amazing episode of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast with Erin Helle and learn about everything she has been up to since the last time she was on the show!

Notable Quotes:


“This is a great industry and there is a lot of opportunity, but it isn’t necessarily for everyone.”

  • Mike Simmons


“I hate the short-term rental game. I hate everything about it.”

  • Erin Helle


“We use any cash we can come up with to build our portfolio.”

  • Erin Helle


“I am a very left-brain, logical decision-maker.”

  • Erin Helle


“I don’t really have the personality to talk to STR guests.”

  • Mike Simmons


“It was the network of other West Point grads, and other veterans, in the space that helped me get my start and help me take that first step and then scale.”

  • Erin Helle


“There is a lot of value in networking events.”

  • Mike Simmons


“I have been amazed at the generosity of the people speaking and putting on this event.”

  • Erin Helle


“The value of being in a room with these investors is like an education on steroids.”

  • Mike Simmons



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