Done For You Dispositions with Paul Wakim, Founder of TwnSqr

Today's Guest: Paul Wakim

Paul is the co-founder of TwnSqr, a real estate technology startup devoted to breaking down the barriers of the real estate industry by providing homeowners and real estate professionals full control over the connections they make for their next real estate transaction. Paul started TwnSqr as a project to create an algorithm to predict who was going to sell their house next so he could buy more deals. Today, TwnSqr has reimagined how the real estate process works for buyers, sellers, agents, and investors, and it’s the most secure and fastest way to connect with the best person for your next real estate transaction on your own terms.


Highlights From The Show:

We begin the episode with Paul sharing the evolution of TwnSqr since its inception right before COVID and how it currently works. Paul details how it has changed from being a real estate tool to a service that is one aspect of a real estate investor’s process. 


Paul detailed a new program that they just launched called TwnSqr Enterprise that caters to investors that have a significant amount of properties to sell to form a direct integration with their Boost service, or their dispositions marketing service. Paul also gives a ton of credit to his partner Mitch that does most of the coding, and who he says is brilliant. Some customizations occur for each individual client, so Paul details this process.


I asked Paul to describe their avatar, or ideal client, and also to describe how the pricing works for their service. It is a monthly subscription service, but Paul goes into detail on how it actually works. He also goes into the integration of AI into their services.


This was a super detailed interview where I asked a lot of nitty-gritty kinds of questions so you want don’t miss another amazing episode of the Just Start Real Estate Podcast with Paul Wakim and get valuable information on how to unlock the potential of your dispositions process with TwnSqr!

Notable Quotes:


“All TwnSqr is as of August 7th is a way for you to interface your existing systems and processes, your CRM, with our Boost service. There is no more seller-facing aspect to the platform.”

  • Paul Wakim


“We have simplified things quite a bit to just being a plug-in for your CRM with the sole purpose of getting you interest in the properties that you have for sale.”

  • Paul Wakim


“Any investor that has at least two properties to sell per month is our target market.”

  • Paul Wakim


“You are using the existing client’s buyers list in addition to going out and getting more people to opt into TwnSqr to maximize who is seeing the properties - more eyeballs.”

  • Mike Simmons


“Tell me why I would want to utilize your done-for-you service when I already have a fully operational, successful, talented dispositions team and/or person and/or process. Like why would I hand over the reins to something that is working really well?”

  • Mike Simmons


“We found out not only was that sales pitch incorrect but also the execution was incorrect.”

  • Paul Wakim


“It is worth combining your existing systems and processes with our boosting system because it is a supplement - it is like a turbocharger for an engine.”

  • Paul Wakim


“Once the integration is built, we are off to the races together.”

  • Paul Wakim


“Simplicity is where the actual value is.”

  • Paul Wakim


“Simple is scalable.”

  • Mike Simmons


“TwnSqr today is as bad as it is ever going to get. It is only going to get better.”

  • Paul Wakim

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