JSRE 335 - Mike and Mike - Overcoming Seller Objections



Mike Cowper joins me again on the podcast.  Mike is my business partner, and I enjoy bringing him on the podcast to discuss our business and the strategies that we have used to grow our business to what it is today.  

In this conversation, you will hear Mike, and I discuss some of the common seller objections.  You will encounter seller objection, and we share some of our techniques of overcoming this objection.  These objections are usually legitimate questions and concerns and handling these concerns and addressing them in a productive and respectful way can help move the sale to the next step.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [06:09] - Going through a realtor is more conventional. Buying from a wholesaler is new to a lot of people.
  • [06:50] - We discuss how to respond when the seller says they would like to collect other quotes.
  • [10:22] - We share some tips for new people on how to sell you and your business when competing against more established businesses.
  • [13:30] - Sometimes people are just not sure if they’re ready to sell.  We explain how to handle this scenario.
  • [16:19] - Mike and I discuss how to handle a situation where the seller believes the price you offer is too low.  
  • [20:14] - We talk about renovations and why you should not be afraid to inflate renovations numbers to the seller.
  • [23:10] - We talk about a seller stating their neighbor’s house sold for a certain amount. The response involves using comps to show this is not a like-kind sale.
  • [25:28] - The seller says another realtor told them they could get more for the house. We share how we handle this situation.  
  • [31:40] - Mike explains that the goal isn’t to hoodwink anybody, but rather to be honest with sellers.

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