JSRE 334 - Mike & Mike - Tools We Use To Run Our Business

This Week’s Episode:

Mike Cowper joins me again on the podcast. Mike is my business partner and I enjoy bringing him on the podcast to discuss our business and the strategies that we have used to grow our business to what it is today. In this conversation, you will hear Mike and I share the tools that we use with our business.

We are frequently asked about the technology and apps that we use help our business run smoothly. If you are looking to streamline your business and get yourself and your team operating in an organized manner, this episode will be extremely valuable for you.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [05:45] - Mike explains that there are an infinite number of tools out there.  Knowing what you need is the first step in finding the app to help solve your problem.
  • [06:12] - Many people are app junkies.  I explain why it’s sometimes best just to ask people what they use and stick with it.
  • [07:05] - The #1 app that we use with our business is WhatsApp.  We describe the app, explain why we prefer it over other messaging options, and share how we use this messaging app.
  • [10:37] - The second biggest piece of technology we use is Google and its services like Docs, Drive, etc.
  • [13:42] - Google Voice is a great way to have a 2nd phone line dedicated for business.  I encourage you to use this as a buffer and changing out your private line.
  • [14:55] - I also use Sideline for additional phone lines.  This is a free app that provides you with a local telephone number.  
  • [15:44] - Trello is a to-do app that helps you organize tasks and projects.  
  • [17:08] - Podio is the CRM service that we use to organize and manage leads. Podio is the brain of our company.
  • [19:18] - I recently downloaded Boomerang for Gmail.  This service allows you to track emails and it gives you reminders.
  • [20:40] - is a similar service that Mike uses.  This service also has a Chrome plugin.
  • [21:40] - For faxing, I use MetroFax.  There are lots of fax services out there, but this has been fast and reliable for me.
  • [21:23] - I use TurboScan to scan documents and email them to people.
  • [23:07] - With our business, we use DocuSign.  If I need to sign something and I don’t have access to a printer, I use SignEasy.  
  • [24:12] - Mike uses Evernote to collect his documents, and he explains that it could even be used as a CRM.
  • [25:24] - We use Zoom with our business.  It’s a video-conferencing software that we prefer over Skype and other alternatives. Mike shares some of the features we really like about this service.
  • [27:20] - Mike talks about Jing, which is a free screen-capture application.  We use this for our training manuals and videos.
  • [28:30] - Mike uses IFTT to share receipts and notes with our bookkeepers.  He also sends himself notes to his email.  
  • [29:27] - Our team uses Calendly for group-wide scheduling.  
  • [30:18] - If you need to leave a message, but don’t have time for a conversation, you can use slydial or slybroadcast to bypass a phone call and go straight to voicemail.


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