Episode 331 - Hiring Update and Office Spaces

This Week’s Episode:

Mike Cowper joins me again on the podcast.  We came together to share more about our company.  We’d like to do a “State of the Company” and share with you some things that we are currently doing to facilitate growth with our company.

In our last conversation on the podcast, we talked about some employee turnover that we recently experienced. We shared how we handle hiring with the business.   In this episode we talk more about the massive turnover and talk about how these changes were necessary and have helped us maneuver a culture shift.

The big news, and the main part of our discussion in this episode, is the idea of having an office space for the company.  Yes, there are pros and cons to having a physical location, and we share some of our thoughts on this topic.  We feel that a physical location really can help us with things like building a company culture and hiring.

Connect with Mike Cowper:

Mike Cowper on LinkedIn

You’ll Learn:

  • [06:51] – We experienced a lot of turnover with our company this year.  We explain why those changes needed to be made.  We share some of the things we could have done better in the initial hiring process. We also talk about how we learned from these mistakes.
  • [10:42] – We talk about how things have improved with the entire team with some of the changes we’ve recently made.  Mike explains how we are doing a better job of setting expectations and being supportive.
  • [14:30] – We are currently looking at the idea of having an office space.  We each share our perspectives and explain why we are considering this idea.
  • [17:38] – Having an office space would help us with trainings.  Group trainings with everyone in one room are helpful. It will also help us develop a culture.
  • [20:02] – In the past, we’ve done our hiring in a restaurant.  Having an official place to interview potential employees would help us.
  • [21:49] – Mike talks about how building a culture through an office space can help employees take part in growth.
  • [23:32] – Pro Tip: You should always be hiring.
  • [24:07] – There’s not always a single reason you have a lot of turnover.  I explain the various reasons we experienced this turnover.
  • [25:11] – Even with the two of us working full time, there’s still a large list of things that would like to implement, but don’t have time.
  • [27:38] – The debate between us is always when and how many people we should hire.
  • [28:28] – We talk about how large our overhead costs are. We also talk about some of the other problems we face, like HR.

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