Episode 330 Dustin Bowling - Retired Police Officer - FULL Time Investor

This Week’s Episode:

I am joined by Dustin Bowling on this episode of Just Start Real Estate.  Dustin is flipping about 10 houses a year in the Covington, Indiana area. Dustin is an aggressive growing investor that I think will be a superstar in the next few years.

In this conversation, you will hear about the incredible things that Dustin is accomplishing in his area.  What’s fascinating is that he’s doing these things without systems.  Just imagine what he’ll be able to do when he implements systems.  

Dustin has a background in law enforcement and is now doing real estate full time.  Being in a small-town, he shares how real estate in these types of communities varies from real estate in more populated areas.  He explains the value of character and integrity in areas like this.  

You’ll Learn:

  • [08:14] - Dustin shares his background. He’s always been an entrepreneur.  Even from an early age, he had an interest in real estate.
  • [11:36] - Dustin explains why he moved into flipping houses. He also talks about doing these projects in a small town.
  • [14:26] - Dustin has been doing this for about 10 years. For a long time he did his own work and now he’s built up a crew. He has 7 employees
  • [18:30] - Dustin currently has 8 projects going and does not feel like he’s got good systems in place. I give Dustin some advice on this situation. I explain why it’s difficult to scale without these systems.
  • [26:58] - I talk with Dustin about hiring a project manager vs. hiring a GC.
  • [28:10] - Dustin describes how his business is structured.
  • [30:00] - Dustin lists his current projects, which includes a church.
  • [31:46] - Dustin talks about challenges he’s faced. He explains how character and integrity are important in real estate, especially in a small town. 


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