Episode 329 Mike and Mike - Our Hiring Process

This Week’s Episode:

This week, I’m joined by my business partner, Mike Cowper. These episodes with Mike are great because we share what’s going on with our business and we provide you with actionable items for your business.

In this conversation, you will hear Mike and I talk about a recent incident. We had one of our employees leave and we needed to rebound and recover from this situation. While we weren’t completely satisfied with this person, we weren’t exactly ready for them to leave.  This person leaving put us in a bit of a bind and we explain how we dealt with that situation.

This leads us into a discussion on goals.  Because we have goals and track our company’s numbers, we were able to identify that this individual was not producing up to our expectations.  We talk about our goals and Mike briefly touches on 30-60-90 goals. We also explain why education is important in accomplishing goals.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [05:36] - Mike talks about a recent situation where we had one of our employees leave and the crunch that it put us in.
  • [07:29] - Handling a situation like this is tougher for smaller businesses. I explain what our knee-jerk reaction was to this person leaving. Through the day, we worked our way through the situation and came up with some short-term solutions.
  • [08:30] - The biggest issue for our business was that we have a big marketing push coming up and we were concerned about our ability to handle incoming leads.
  • [09:57] - We share what our game-plan is for working through this situation and why we believe this situation will work out.
  • [13:13] - I share why it’s important to track numbers with your team.
  • [14:26] - This leads to a discussion on our goals. We share our growth from 2015 to 2016 and how our goals kept us on track to achieve the success we anticipated.
  • [16:35] - We recently worked on putting together our 2017 goals, which we share.
  • [17:42] - Regardless of the size of your company is, you should trying to build a business. I explain how I define “a business”. We share our thoughts on why you should strive for this.
  • [23:53] - If you haven’t set your goals, now is the time.
  • [24:52] - Mike talks about setting 30-60-90 goals.
  • [28:05] - It’s important to have a system. We just finished reading Traction.  This is a great book to read if you’d like to set your business up for success.
  • [28:43] - Education is vital for success. We talk about the importance and the benefits of coaching. Goals are the roadmap to where you want to be, but the coach can be your guide to get you to those goals faster.