Episode 328 Danny Pitcher - Rising Star in Real Estate

This Week’s Episode:

This week, I’m joined Danny Pitcher. Danny started his real estate company on a bike. He sent out his first marketing piece in 2015 and got his first deal four or five months later. He then left his job and invested everything into his company.

In this conversation, you will hear Danny share interesting details about his business. He explains why he decided to get into real estate. He actually started by listening to podcasts, including this one! Danny describes how his business is set up and he shares a lot of details about his marketing. He says, “With mailings, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it’s different.” He also says “Finding the deal is the foundation of your business” and he shares how he does that.

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You’ll Learn:

[07:19] - Out of college, Danny was a bike taxi driver. He describes this experience.

[09:04] - Danny began listening to podcasts, even this one! That helped him nurture his entrepreneurial spirit.

[11:06] - Danny explains how he started his career in real estate, which began with wholesaling.

[13:38] - While Danny started with wholesaling, he is working on his first flip. He explains how is business is currently set up.

[15:05] - Danny describes his marketing strategy when it comes to mailings.

[16:30] - Danny talks numbers and shares the number of deals he has completed.

[18:47] - Danny details what type of mailings he is doing. He also describes what he does to help his mailings stand out.

[20:52] - Danny describes how he handles leads when they come in via the phone.

[22:05] - When it comes to locking down the contract, Danny explains his personal strategy.

[23:34] - Danny explains how he uses a closing attorney and works with buyers.

[28:10] - Danny does not attend closings and he shares his reasoning behind that.

[29:23] - Danny shares his goals for his company in 2017.

[32:24] - We all know hindsight is 20/20. Danny talks about what he would differently if he was able to start from scratch again.

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