Episode 326 Mike and Mike - Deciding Who You Are as an Investor

This week, I’m joined by my business partner, Mike Cowper. I have known Mike for two years and I’ve had a lot of fun working with Mike on growing our business. Mike and I are doing a lot of coaching now and we’ve noticed that a lot of the same questions are coming up in these coaching sessions.

In this discussion, we talk about flipping and wholesaling. We describe what the structure of each of these models looks like, and explore how they are different. One myth is that it doesn’t take any money to be a wholesaler, but you need money to be a flipper. In this conversation, you’ll hear why that’s not the case.

Mike and I will be doing these types of episodes a few times a month. If you’re interested in learning more about our coaching, email me - [email protected]. We’d love to help you meet your goals in 2017.

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